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Based on your situation we will typically introduce you to:

  • How the platform supports a trainer, manager, trainee and training manager
  • How training management, skill management & training execution are integrated
  • How companies in a comparable situation have organized their training setup

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The training organisations' tool box

One platform to integrate training, skills and instructions. It provides tools for trainers, trainees, team leaders and training managers to build, run, scale and sustain an effective & efficient training setup.

Jeppe Christensen, Meneta Advanced Shims Tecnology

Simple & intuitive

It is simple and intuitive to get started with Champ. In practice there were no startup barriers. Within a very short period of time we were in the process of building our training system in Champ.

Jeppe Christensen

Meneta Advanced Shims Tecnology

Increase training performance

Sustain implemented training processes & performance

Important to any training setup is to sustain processes and training results over time. Trainers and team managers are provided with the operational tools to get training executed while the training manager keeps the overview of status and progress. Should the proces start drifting it is clear which department or trainers need support to get back on track.

Keep the ability to manage training across a wider scope

Role-based training plans with reusable training modules and department specific overview is key to manage the complexity with a training setup that scales across shifts, departments and sites.

Increase your rollout speed and success rate

When scaling your training setup to other departments or sites, the platform will help you to provide a package of structure, method, tools and in some cases also training content. This will help you to focus on building the local organisation ond training culture. In the process the platform will provide you with an overview of where the implemented training setup runs as expected and where support is needed.

Reduce administrative work

Many of our costumers come from a situation where they were using Excel, paper or disconnected systems to manage training and skills. They have been able to significantly reduce the administrative work involved in running their training setup – by either reducing time consumption or achieving much more effect with the same effort.