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+17.000 employees +50 sites +10 countries

DS Steel construction

Establishing a new business unit

"Champ has been particularly important to us in establishment of a new technical department in Poland. We succeeded establishing the department and trained 35 new employees in one year. We were subsequently audited without deviations and the department is today one of our best performing departments. We have of course hired some good employees, but we could not have achieved this without good training management with Champ…”

Jens Skjellerup
IT and Business Development Manager | DS Steel construction

Previous challenges

  • Difficult management of individual training programs
  • Lack of overview of the status of progress
  • Limited number of employees who could be trained simultaneously with sufficient quality


  • Firm structure and quality in training
  • Possible to handle more parallel training programs
  • Establishment of new department without deviation



Few errors and high productivity

”Nedschroef is the company I have worked for that has the best process for employee training. The structure in the process makes me confident and the results are visible in the form of few errors and high productivity from the new employees.”

Jesper Fugl
Former Production Manager, Nedschroef Langeskov

Previous challenges

  • Repetition errors
  • Varying quality of training
  • 1-2 years of training time


  • External complaints: 8 ➜ 0.8 ppm
  • Halving training time
  • Training carried by the employees

Meneta Advanced Shims Tecnology

Meneta Advanced Shims Tecnology

Simple & intuitive

”It is simple and intuitive to get started with Champ. In practice there were no startup barriers. Within a very short period of time we were in the process of building our training system in Champ.”

Jeppe Christensen
Meneta Advanced Shims Tecnology

Fiberline Composites

Need for structure and overview

"We came from a setup with few dedicated trainers in our production. When the company grew and the need for new employees became bigger, it became a bottleneck. So we have been looking for an opportunity for how to systematize and structure on-the-job training"

"It has made a difference from the employees’ point of view - now they know exactly what they need to learn"

Lars Holmegaard Jensen
Training Manager | Fiberline Composites

"The training has become much more detailed and in general it has become much easier for the manager on the various shifts to find out what people are able do."

Jannick Brøndvig
Production Manager | Fiberline Composites